The Grand Meadows range of professional quality equine nutritional supplements

Grand Meadows are one of the largest, and most respected nutritional suppliers in the USA, providing a complete range of products that support joint health, hooves, coats and overall well-being of horses.

Grand Meadow’s products contain premium grade ingredients and carefully selected compounds providing the highest quality, purity and potency.


Phoenix Pharm Distributors Ltd... committed to Quality, Range and Value in supply of animal health products to the New Zealand veterinary and farming industry

Phoenix Pharm Distributors Ltd is a wholesale distributor of pharmaceutical, Surgical, Nutritional, Over the Counter and General Consumable Supplies to the animal health industry, primarily through veterinary practices and selected equine outlets.

We do not sell directly to the public.

Our mission is to provide our products and services at a fair and competitive price in a timely fashion to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of each of our customers.

Phoenix Pharm represents some of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, and can be relied upon to provide the most up-to-date technologies that will benefit the New Zealand farming sector. All products are thoroughly appraised in conjunction with the ACVM before introduction and have full supporting data.

Vetpharm (NZ) Ltd is a sister company to Phoenix Pharm and operates out of the same premises. It has specialist resources focussed on bringing complimentary and innovative products into the New Zealand animal health market.

Equigoldhorselabel1aThe Equi-gold® Equine Range of Nutritional Supplements

The Equi-gold® range of nutritional supplements has been developed with performance, sporthorse and pleasure horse owners in mind. Each product in the range has been formulated to complement each other, thus meeting the varying demands from all types of horses and disciplines. The Equi-gold formulations also incorporate QT® Organic Mineral’s highly bioavailable protected organic trace elements. They are included because of their known efficacy, patented composition and because they provide the best absorption rates for your horse.

The range has been developed and researched under local conditions by Vetpharm (NZ) Ltd and is manufactured here in New Zealand under GMP standards. This process ensures that quality assurance is always maintained and the potency of all the actives remains consistent and stable at all times.



Complimentary feedstuff for horses


A mixture of essential elements and natural ingredients.


Respimin is added to the feed to support the various metabolic functions of the respiratory tract in horses. Stress factors, such as cold, wet, fog and dust can upset the normal respiratory function. It has been shown that horses prone to respiratory problems quickly improve significantly when they have access to essential minerals and certain herbs.

Respimin provides important elements and natural ingredients which help support respiratory condition and the animal’s natural defences.


QTcover2a1a1a3“QT Organic Minerals use a patented, polysaccharide mineral complexing technology from QUALITECH, USA to ensure the best bioavailability and absorption rates for cattle”

Organic trace minerals (minerals like copper and zinc complexed to molecules containing carbon), can provide significant benefits to animal health, animal welfare, and farm economics, that are not achievable via inorganic trace minerals (like copper sulphate and zinc sulphate).

This is because organic minerals are absorbed and utilised by animals much more effectively.

Also, QT Organic Minerals are compatible with other essential trace minerals such as selenium, cobalt and iodine, enabling formulation of a complete yet economical trace mineral supplement programme that satisfies your herd’s demands.