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Grand Meadows - Sponsored Rider / Driver Testimonials


“My horses have been competing very well this spring and it is great to have the confidence in Grand Meadows to provide a supplement that helps them deal so successfully with the rigors of eventing,” he says. “The horses are taking their work well and looking as supple and sound as I could hope.”

William Fox Pitt
2010 WEG Silver Medalist
FEI Ranking World #1

“I have tried many different products on my Combined Driving horses over the years and have noticed a difference with Grand Meadows line of supplements. My horses travel from West Coast to East Coast, as well as occasionally to Europe and must be fit, fresh, and ready to compete. I am very impressed with the quality and results I’ve seen with Grand Complete, Mega Grand Flex, and Grand H.A.”

Diane Kastama
FEI World Carriage Driver
2006 Driving Horseman of the Year
FEI World Carriage Driving Championships for Drivers with Disabilities (Individual Gold)
1st place – CDE, Arizona
USEF Pairs National Championship, 5th Place
Gold Medal Championship Winner


“For the last few years, I have fed Grand Meadows supplements with very good results. I recently included Grand H.A. for Tinus, our Grand Prix performance horse and breeding stallion, and immediately saw an improvement in his performance. Tinus is competing and performing in many different exhibitions all over the country. Grand Meadows products help him maintain a high level of fitness, energy, and strength for the stresses of competition and exhibitions.”

Sabine Schut-Kery
USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medal winner


“Remy", a 13 year old Arabian Gelding completed his first 100 mile endurance ride, the "Tevis" in 2004. Since then he has come in the Top Ten, 25 times, including 9 first places, out of a total of 30 endurance rides. I attribute his consistent success in this very demanding discipline to training, with his soundness and stamina being maintained and enhanced by "Grand Vite" and "Grand HA Synergy.”

Dr. Peter Claydon
Tevis Endurance Competitor


"I have been using Grand Meadows products for my horses since my Grand Prix tour in Europe. I trust their products completely to give my horses the support they need to perform and win at their elite level competition."

Heather Blitz
International Grand Prix Competitor


“Once upon a time we believed in “good” hay, grain, and training were all you needed for a good horse. If a horse couldn’t hold up to the work, we moved him along. Then came joint injections. But joint injections are expensive and require time off. Then we were introduced to Grand Flex. We tested Grand Flex on our most sore horses, and guess what? We canceled most injections...and the few who still needed them reacted better than they ever had before. At the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Championships, First, Second, and Third place horses were all on Grand Flex.”

Todd Crawford, Ted Robinson, John Roeser, and Carol Rose
Crawford Performance Horses and Stallion Services


“I have competed at the WEG and at top international events all year. I was confident that Grand HA Synergy, Grand Vite and Grand Digest kept my horse in top performing condition during this incredible demanding and rigorous competitive schedule. I notice their coats have that extra glow even with all the stress from shipping from show to shows. I know Grand HA Synergy kept them totally sound – they started each day with a bounce in their step. I believe in Grand Meadows supplements to keep my horses sound and competing at their best.”

Christine McCrea
2009 FEI Nations Cup Tour One
1st Place 2008 $100,000 Budweiser Grand Prix