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Grand Meadows - Trainer Testimonials


Horse Journal quotes from Joint Articles from 1994 - 2007

“Grand Flex has been our top recommendation...”
“Grand Flex performed very well with strong ratings...”
“We stand behind our original field trials (1994) with Grand Flex – a proven formula”
“Old favorite, Grand Flex, shows long-term benefits...”

“In my shoeing practice, we have had difficult hoof issues. Grand Hoof is the best specific hoof supplement I've ever used and the only one I recommend. I have used this product now for many years and am still amazed by the results. Correct shoeing and Grand Hoof is my best recommendation for healthy feet.”

Dieter Krohnert
Official farrier for the German Olympic Equestrian Teams


“We like to use Mega Flex on some horses that need that extra joint help All our show horses are on Grand Complete and Grand Vite – I like the results.”

Dallas Wedel
Dallas Wedel Performance Horses
2010 AzRHA Champion


“I started using Grand Coat on my WEG horse, Craving Blue. Just after 6 weeks he started to look like he was coated in a layer of ice. His coat is literally sparkling! I've gotten several comments since and am completely amazed at the fast results I've seen in the growth of his mane and spectacular coat color. I've never used any other supplement that produced such a drastic difference.”

Elissa Dauberman on Craving Blue
NWHA Horse of the Year - National Champion


“Grand Coat has made such a difference. Arjen, my Friesian, had a dull, brown coat when he first arrived from Holland. Within a month of feeding Grand Coat I could not believe the color I was seeing as well as a much improved, beautiful healthy, shiny coat. Within a few months his mane and tail both thickened up nicely. It is a very good product and reasonably priced - it does work!”

Pieter Franken
Dutch Horsefriend


“In the time I tested Grand Calm I could see a huge difference in the way my horse could focus her energy into her jumping instead of being high strung and unable to pay attention to her job. With Grand Calm my mare is now a lovely and willing partner who no longer rushes at fences and can stand still without tossing her head.”

Kathryn Fischer
Pollyrich Farms
Solvang, California


“We tested Grand Flex on our most sore horses, and guess what? We canceled most injections...and the few who still needed them reacted better than they had before.”

Todd Crawford
Crawford Performance Horses and Stallion Services


“Our veterinarian recommended feeding Grand Flex back in 1995 for an older elephant with severe joint problems that had just arrived at our sanctuary. We saw results immediately and began feeding Grand Flex to her companion, as well as all of our other elephants.

Over the past 10+ years, our feeding program now includes Grand Meadows supplements with all our other species – bears, tigers, mountain lions, as well as continuing with our elephants.”

Pat Derby
Director and Founder, PAWS