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Nutritional Products

Equi-Gold Electrolyte Plus Paste

A portable paste to replace salts lost in sweat, assist recovery and fatigue, stimulate thirst response and as a boost for performance.

Equi-gold® Electrolyte-Plus Paste has been specifically formulated to provide a portable, convenient and concentrated source of balanced electrolytes, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, Niacin, Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Selenium, QT® Zinc and the branch chain amino acids L-Valine, L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine.

Ideal for all horses in work or competition including gallopers, pacers, eventers, showing, polo, in general all performance or sport-horses and for horses during travel.

Each 60g oral syringe provides the major electrolytes 11.64g Chloride, 4.72g Potassium, 1.28g Magnesium, 1.63g Calcium, 3.46g Sodium, and the multi B group Vitamins, 0.11g B1, 0.09g B2, 0.04g B12, 0.32g Niacin, 20mg Folic Acid, plus 0.01mg Selenium, 0.016g QT® Zinc, 1.01g Vitamin E, and the branch chain amino acids, L-Valine, L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine, on a palatable apple flavoured base.

Dosage and Administration

Dose orally over the back of the tongue

Horses in work, racing or competing

30-60gm after last hard workout, 30gm pre and post race or event, ensure access to clean water after dosing.

Horses involved in endurance

30-60gm pre-event, 30gm at each vet-check, each rest stop and after ride, provide access to fresh water after dosing.

Horses involved in Polo

30gm pre-game and 30gm at each rest level and 30gm after game, provide access to fresh water after dosing.


15-20gms before event and provide access to fresh water.

60 g syringe

Store in cool dry area, replace lid tightly after use and protect from light.

Equigold products are exempt from registration being oral nutritional compounds compliant with S4 of the ACVM regulations 2001.

NZ Agent & Distributor:

Vetpharm (NZ) Ltd
PO Box 31363, Mairangi Bay, Auckland