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Nutritional Products

Equi-Gold Multivite Plus

A concentrated vitamin, minerals, chromium and yeast supplement for horses.

A concentrated source of essential multi vitamins, amino acids and yeast, plus QT® Organic Mineral's as the organic complexed source of Copper , Zinc, Cobalt, along with Manganese, Selenium and Chromium, on an apple flavoured base.

Equigold Multivite Plus provides a concentrated source of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients that may not be available to performance horses through diets based on pasture, hay or grains and to correct dietary imbalances generally.

Formulated by our own equine experts, using the highest quality range of nutrients including Zinpro's latest organic highly bio-available Availa(r) mins, plus Chromium, Selenium and Yeast.

Equigold Multivite Plus is suitable for all performance horses at all stages of work and age, for lactating and pregnant mares, and developing youngsters.

Each kilogram of active ingredients contains:
Vitamins B1 1.83gm, B2 1.8gm, B6 1.09gm, B12 0.88gm, E 5.1gm, D3 6000iu, A 210,000iu, Niacin 4gm, Calcium Pantothenate 0.586gm, Inositol 6gm, Folic Acid 0.9gm, Choline Chloride 3.7gm, Calcium Iodate 0.01gm, Di Calcium Phosphate 66gm, Sodium Chloride 100gm, L Lysine 12gm, Threonine 7.8gm, Yeast 0.833gm, DL Methionine 6gm, and Skim Milk Powder QS plus QT® Organic Mineral's as the organic complexed source of Copper 0.158gm, Zinc 0.455gm, Cobalt 0.00162gm and Manganese 0.252gm and Selenium 0.005gm and Chromium 0.833gm, on an apple flavoured base.

Dosage and Administration

Horses in work and Stallions serving

60gms daily top-dressed through the feed

Horses spelling, yearlings, weanlings and lactating/pregnant mares

30gms daily top-dressed through feed

Ponies and Foals

15gms daily top-dressed through feed

The daily dose can be divided into morning/night feeds

1 kg, 3 kg or 15 kg container

Equigold products are exempt from registration being oral nutritional compounds compliant with S4 of the ACVM regulations 2001.

NZ Agent & Distributor:

Vetpharm (NZ) Ltd
PO Box 31363, Mairangi Bay, Auckland