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Grand Meadows Quality Equine Supplements


Grand Meadows was founded in 1989 with the goal of providing superior quality nutritional products.

They are today one of the largest, and most respected suppliers in the U.S., providing a complete range of products that support joint health, hooves, coats and overall well-being of horses and pets.

Grand Meadow’s products contain premium grade ingredients and carefully selected compounds providing the highest quality, purity and potency.

All the minerals in Grand Meadow’s products are organic, and they are either chelates or gluconates i.e. minerals in a bioavailable form.

One of the First to Earn an “A” Rating from NASC™
Since 1985, Grand Meadows Nutritional Products has led the competitive U.S. industry with high quality, cost-effective equine and pet supplements. Confirming this in September 2004, the NASC™ (National Animal Supplement Council) recognised Grand Meadows for manufacturing supplements with the highest standards of quality, accurate label claims, and excellence in the industry by being one of the first to earn the NASC™ Quality Seal.

Founded in 2001, the National Animal Supplement Council is an industry group dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of companion animals and horses throughout the United States by adopting and enforcing quality control standards for the equine and pet nutritional supplement industry.

Grand Meadows continues to develop new advanced formulas containing premium grade ingredients and select compounds.
GMGROUP09LGThe range includes:

Grand Calm

Helps to minimise stress... and support maximum performance.

Grand Flex

Helps support against joint problems

Grand Flex Senior

Helps support structural integrity of joints and connective tissue.

Mega Grand Flex

Ideal for senior horses, competition horses and horses in various disciplines.

Grand H.A.

Nourishes, lubricates and supports the joint.

Grand H.A. Synergy

Hyaluronic acid for joints to support joint health.

Grand Hoof

Help to grow and maintain strong, tough, healthy hooves.

Grand Hoof Pellets + MSM

To increase delivery of hoof building nutrients.

Grand Complete

All-in-one inclusive supplement for horses.

Grand Coat

Give your horse the "wow" factor with breathtaking colours, glossy coats and lustrous mane and tail.

Grand Vite

For better nutrition - better performance

Grand Digest

First complete digestive formula for all three stages of the digestion process.

Grand Mobility 60's

A new dimension in advanced joint care support for dogs.

Grand Coat 60's

Advanced Skin and coat formula for dogs

Grand Tranquility 60's

Promotes relaxation and helps reduce hyper activity.


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