Company Profile

Phoenix Pharm Distributors Ltd was incorporated as a company in September 1983 by Graeme and Eve Webb. The company objective is to, market, sell and distribute a range of quality animal health products to the animal health industry and the New Zealand veterinary profession

The company has been structured around the experience, expertise, and the financial resources of the directors.

The directors combine wide experience in business management, sales and marketing, management, and technical expertise in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry.

Company Philosophy

The objective is to have clear focus on providing and marketing quality products to the animal health industry, especially veterinary outlets and the equine market in particular. The experience contact, and understanding of the market by all working directors is seen as being a major strength and marketing differential that will permit the company to achieve rapid but controlled growth, while offering an experienced and professional service to both the domestic market and the company’s product suppliers

It is our policy that the primary distribution route of products will be through the existing NZ veterinary wholesaling system, unless there is a clearly beneficial business reason for using other distribution channels for particular products.

There is the understanding to avoid conflicts of business interests between agency principals with respect to product selection, and to develop the market potential for all chosen products with full commitment and in field support.


Phoenix Pharm currently has 4 Area Managers covering the whole of New Zealand (See Area Managers to locate your nearest representative).

There are 3 Administation/Warehouse staff located at our Auckland distribution centre:

Telephone: 09 476 7391

Facsimile: 09 479 5555


Managing Director


Graeme holds a Diploma of Agriculture from Lincoln University. From 1972 to 1983 Graeme was employed by the multinational company May and Baker Ltd, rising to National Sales Manager (Animal Health). In 1983 he established Phoenix Pharm Distributors Ltd. Graeme has grown this company to its present size. In 1994 we joined forces with Vetpharm (NZ) Ltd as the most appropriate way to expand Phoenix Pharm Distributors business in the animal health industry. Graeme contributes his wide experience in the industry with proven business and financial management skills.